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   MIS Management Information System

We are hosting an information system for managers in the plastics-producing and plastics-converting industry in Europe.

Managers in the terms of the MIS are general managers, business unit managers, marketing managers, sales managers, product managers, developers, lawyers, application engineers, experts for HSE, environment, product safety, consumer protection, food contact, members of the sales force and the internal sales department, communication managers. Our MIS has the ability to allocate to each group of managers the specifically interesting subjects.

In principle, we are differentiating in the MIS between expert and published information. We are assuming that a manager needs both kinds of information. In the MIS each participant can define himself about which subjects he wants to receive information.

The expert information is the neutral, professionally correct and uninfluenced information. We make it available in abstracts and also in form of original texts. The abstracts are written by our expert, mostly in German and always in English language. The total of titles, abstracts and original documents we call 'articles'. At present, our MIS contains 10 650 articles. About 20 new articles are added each week, which are distributed each Sunday in our 'Expert Info' (newsletter) electronically to all MIS participants.

Published information consists of press reports from the media, in particular trade journals, which we systematically analyse for our partners and their interests and publish on a daily basis. We choose between 10 and 20 press reports a day which are of relevance to us and our partners.

Very important information is published as article or press report individually per mail as soon as possible.

We also include information from the associations in our MIS and distribute it with our 'Expert Info' to persons among our partners to whom this information is relevant. This is the best distribution of information from associations to the employees of the member companies. Of course, these employees only receive information from associations in which their company is a member.

Our MIS is currently used by 450 persons. The MIS database is available to them also for research. With the Internet-based, password-protected, worldwide access to the MIS, every manager is best informed at all times.

For you to get an idea about the MIS system and its functional options, you will find in the following the introductory information each new MIS user receives. Click on the link to open a PowerPoint presentation which will lead you  through the MIS options.

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