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We are represented with the Arbeitsgemeinschaft vormals Hoechst Kunststoffe und Folien in most of the associations for polymers and converted plastics. Our partner for polymers is PlasticsEurope in Brussels and its five cluster regions as well as their national associations. Our European umbrella association for plastics converters EuPC (European Plastics Converters Association counts all national and European sectoral associations to its members. Mr. Eckstein is Chairman of the German association IVK (Industrieverband Kunststoffbahnen) and the two sectoral associations ERPA (European Rigid PVC Films Association) und EuPET (European unoriented PET Films Association). These three associations are member in the umbrella association EuPC. Mr. Eckstein in Vice President of EuPC and had been its President for three years.

The matrix shows all associations and the functions (elected mandates) which  Mr. Eckstein represents.


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